The Logitech MX Master: One of Our Favourite Mice

Hands-on: Logitech MX Master Mouse

What’s up, guys? Today, we are checking out something that I have been very excited for.This is the MX Master Mouse from Logitech. Now, I have been a big fan of these top tier Logitech mice for a while. You’ve probably seen the Performance Logitech MX Master that sits on my desk in various Instagram photos.This is the new iteration with a number of improvements. So, I’m really excited to get it out of the box and finally start using it.

Design and Specs of Logitech MX Master

Logitech MX Master
Logitech MX Master

You see it has an ON switch, connects via bluetooth or with a receiver and it can even connect to multiple devices at once.If you have a laptop and a desktop or multiple laptops on the back we can see, it has a smart speed adaptive scroll wheel. The performance MX had that as well. It’s also got a unique thumb wheel and it has advanced power management with up to 40 days of battery life on a single charge. So let’s go ahead jump inside the box and take a closer look at this new ‘state of the art’ mouse!

From Logitech State of the Art! That’s the best! If the art form is building mice, computer mice then this is the state of the art! Always like that saying!

Performance MX Master

Alright! So here we have it..

Logitech MX Master
Logitech MX Master

The actual MX Master along with some paperwork that you don’t care about! The texture here is unreal! I mean unreal in a good way.  Very smooth with a tiny bit of grit. A lot pleasing than the previous generation and then on the thumb portion. You have this kind of mosaic pattern.So you can sense the difference in texture from where your thumb rests Vs the rest of your hand also a little bit taller! Really shapes around your hand very nicely. On the front here or top I should say you have the scroll wheel. I know that on the Performance MX. If you spin at a certain speed it’ll start free spinning and you also have your standard mouse buttons. On the other side here We have our new horizontal scroll wheel.

Lets have some video from my favourite “Unbox Therapy”

This one dosen’t make any kind of clicky sound but, very smooth! There are also back and forward buttons in this location here and then this entire thumb rest is also a button! You also have some LED indicators here three.I assume that those will be used for indicating battery life.On the bottom of the mouse you have a power switch a connect button your sensor and then one two three and a button underneath it. This is going to be used for pairing with multiple computers as I mentioned now. If you don’t have bluetooth and for whatever reason you want to use RF you do still get a standard little dongle here. Some people have interference issues with RF. If they’re using a mouse near a router for example. Others might have issues with bluetooth if they have number of bluetooth devices connected. So, regardless having both options is a positive thing.

Conclusion of Logitech MX Master mouse

The last thing inside the box a standard USB cable. This will be used of course to charge up the mouse It’s about a four foot cable. Now, since this is a mouse, there’s really a little need for a demonstration. You probably all know exactly what it does but what I can tell you is that the materials here are very very nice. It is an expensive mouse. If you want to check out current price and availability. I’ll put a link buy. But the result of that expensiveness is very quality feeling product! For anyone looking for the most premium of mice. Upgrade your mousing. Now the mouse will work with both Mac and PC. So, regardless of which platform you are on. Also you can check out the new Logitech MX Master 2S.

You can fully utilise the MX Master and all of it’s features.  Alright! So, there you have it the MX Master from Logitech possibly, the greatest mouse on the planet!

Let me know down in the comments which mouse you’re currently using.

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