Introducing the brand new Kitty Hawk Flyer (releasing in 2018)

What is Kitty Hawk Flyer?

The Kitty Hawk Flyer may be a new, all-electric craft or flyer cars. It is safe, tested and legal to control within the US in uncongested areas underneath the Ultralight class of Federal Aviation Agency rules. They designed their initial version specifically to fly over water. You don’t want a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes. They publically unconcealed the operating example in april 2017. The official Flyer are out there by the end of the year.

Their mission is to create the dream of private flight a reality.Flight at kitty hawk is going to be real. They believe once everybody has access to non-public flight, a new, limitless world of chance can open up to them. At Kitty Hawk Flyer, they engineer, style and build safe, fun, easy-to-fly craft.

Do you dream of flying?

For years, team members have dedicated themselves to inventing world-changing technologies. We’ve learned that to form one thing that the globe has ne’er seen, we’ve got to line aside convention and reimagine everything. That spirit of innovation led United States of America to style and build cars that drive themselves, a human-powered chopper, an operational plane with wave wings, and also the quickest bicycle on earth.

That flying automotive startup Google’s Larry Page is backing? It’s finally showing its hand… and also the company’s initial product is each additional and fewer than what you would possibly expect. Kitty Hawk’s initial publically incontestable vehicle, hawk flying, isn’t most the flying automotive of sci-fi fame as a RV. The one-seat, propeller-driven vehicle is supposed for a brief flight across lake once you’re at the bungalow, not travelling to figure — that Jetsons-like future isn’t here nevertheless. You won’t have to be compelled to wait long to induce it, though. Kitty Hawk expects to begin marketing the Flyer by the tip of 2017. this may be a sensible reality within months, in different words. you’ll be able to already place down $100 to register for a $2,000 discount on the finished machine.

Kitty Hawk History

When they kicked off to create the kitty hawk flyer, they needed to engineer a private craft that’s simple to fly and accessible for all. They unreal easy controls and advanced electronic capabilities in order that you’ll learn to fly it safely in minutes. They additionally needed it to be 100% electrical, and start off and land vertically. The Flyer would be thus compact that it may match well in a very garage.

However, The Kitty Hawk Flyer– named once the city wherever the Wright brothers initial tested the plane – is positioning its Flyer as a vehicle for the joyrider. Restricted to running solely over water, it’s operated manually, and might apparently be flown by inexperienced riders once solely some minutes of instruction.

Kitty Hawk Flyer

And now it’s here.

Lets fly Kitty Hawk Flyer

They unveiled their 1st operating model of kitty hawk flight in April 2017. It’s an Ultralight vehicle underneath part 103 of the Federal Aviation Agency laws, and you don’t would like a pilot’s license to control it. As you’ll see it’s alittle rough round the edges, however we tend to tore therefore excited to point out you its capabilities that we tend to didn’t wish to attend till we finished its style. the buyer version are accessible by the end of this year.

Until then, they invite you to sign up for kitty hawk flight Discovery Membership. You’ll get access to covert action and in-person experiences you’ll hopefully keep in mind for the rest of your life. And you get 1st dibs at buying the Kitty Hawk Flyer once it’s prepared.

What people are saying

Said by : Cimeron Morrissey

“This Flying Machine is Straight Out of Your Dreams.”

I’ve ne’er piloted a toy chopper, coupled with a true aeroplane, however I recently got offered the possibility of a lifetime: to become one amongst the primary take a look at pilots of a flying kitty of a classified new craft known as the Kitty Hawk Flyer.The Flyer may be a radical new thought on the wing. it’s meant for amateurs like me, doesn’t need a license and took me simply a couple of hours of coaching on a simulator to find out to fly it.The prototype appearance and feels lots sort of a flying motorbike.

You mount the seat and lean forward, similar to you’d on a motorbike. The controls are engineered into a group of handlebars and work almost like buttons and joysticks on a computer game controller. It takes to the air and lands vertically, sort of a chopper. however in contrast to a chopper, the Flyer is 100% electrical and high-powered by eight rotors.

Oh — and you fly it over water. it’s 2 pontoons at rock bottom for takeoff and landing.Here are some recollections of my take a look at flights on the Flyer model. As you’ll see, I had a blast!

It’s a crisp, sunny day on a lake in Northern CA. The Flyer is lay on a floating dock. I mount and grab the handlebars. I hold down the beginning button to fireplace up the eight rotors to a lower place me, and therefore the Kitty Hawk Flyer roars to life.

With a sleek movement of my thumb on the throttle — a little knob at the left tip of the management bar — I rise straight up into the air and leave gravity behind.

Oh my God!” I shout. “This is actually happening! kittyhawk!


Kitty Hawk Flyer

Kitty Hawk Flyer

I use my right thumb to softly nudge the “pitch” knob back. The Flyer responds graciously and floats backward. I ease up on the controls and hover 10 feet higher than the water sort of a apodiform bird.My left forefinger slides another knob — called a “yaw” — and the Flyer stays stationary on its axis whereas spinning around one hundred eighty degrees. The flyer remains dead balanced.My eyes water — I’ve forgotten to blink.I desire the Flyer and that i ar one. I nudge the pitch knob forward and rocket across the lake. I feel light-weight and rapturous and totally free. this is often similar to my flying dreams!

Speeding higher than the lake at up to twenty five miles per hour, I thumb the controls left and right, rocking the Flyer region, drawing a “U” within the air. It’s like snowboarding in a gully, turning out high and weightless on the apex of a ridge. Next, I bank a good, cushy turn, pushing against air. This feels similar to kitesurfing after you hit a top-turn on an enormous, blue wave.

Landing may be a breeze. I simply gently ease down the throttle and softly drift to the touch down on the dock. My whole body tingles.There’s only 1 thought in my mind: once am i able to make love again?

The Kitty Hawk Flyer are going to be obtainable by the top of the year. It’ll have a really completely different style from the operating model, however I’m sporting the expertise are going to be even as wonderful.

Kitty Hawk Flyer

Silicon Valley got Kitty Hawk Flyer

Kitty Hawk considers itself to be a “flying car” company, this VTOL(vertical take-off and landing ) is a smaller amount flying automobile, additional human-sized drone formed for water use solely.

We already reportable on Google’s Larry Page backing this rotor-based flying automobile, furthermore as alphabetic character.Aero. This electrical personal flying craft is just referred to as the Kitty Hawk Flyer. The nice news is that it’s rated as associate ultralight craft by the office (FAR 103 Ultralight Category) which means no pilot license is needed to control it.

Sitting on high of 2 generous fusiform pontoons, very similar to water-landing helicopters use, the Kitty Hawk uses 2 rotors on all four sides of the craft, with a complete of eight. Victimization a similar style as fashionable drones, consider the Kitty Hawk Flyer one as a private craft. Wherever the pilot sits on high of it employing a joystick to control its flight maneuvers. However sitting on high of a drone additionally suggests that sitting on high of propellers, not a very consolatory plan. Therefore the Kitty Hawk Flyer contains a internet over the propellers, must you topple.

The Kitty Hawk Flyer Price

Although the Kitty Hawk hasn’t finalized a worth nevertheless, the company came up with an imaginative $100 three-year membership plan. What this will is that it provides you a priority on the roll, company gear, trainer, furthermore as different invites to varied events. Maybe better of all, it provides you a $2,000 discount off the ultimate worth. We tend to assume this in all probability places this Kitty Hawk Flyer at around $5,000 to $10,000, ideally.

If you reside outside the U.S., Kitty Hawk says there aren’t any plans to ship the vehicle outside the U.S.. Sorry, Canada.

You can become a member (Flyer Discovery Membership of Kitty Hawk Flyer)

For a limited time, we invite you to join our kittyhawk Discovery Membership for a one-time fee of just $100. Please refer to know more about kitty hawk price.


  • Receive a three-year membership to an infatuated community of like those who wish to examine the globe in an exceedingly whole new method
  • Enjoy priority placement on the Kitty Hawk Flyer client wait list and receive a $2,000 discount off the retail value
  • Gain exclusive access to Kitty Hawk experiences, our simulator, flight demonstrations, and events. Wherever a get few can get the prospect to ride the Flyer
  • Opportunities to satisfy the team that unreal the Flyer
  • Receive behind the scenes videos and obtain product updates before the remainder of the globe
  • Get members-only Kittyhawk gear
  • Join

Final Verdict On The Kitty Hawk Flyer

The video on top is far of polished than a rough take a look at flight. However it provides U.S. an overall plan of what to expect from the Kitty Hawk Flyer. Personally, I feel it’s a decent begin to gear the Kitty Hawk Flyer towards the recreation business. It will hopefully develop enough to require U.S. over land and ideally in a lot of urban setting.

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