kitty hawk flyer price

Kitty Hawk Flyer Revealed!

The car you’re seeing here is Kitty Hawk Flyer. It is an electric ultralight aircraft that is designed to operate over water. It is available for sale by the end of this year. Owners won’t need a pilot license to operate one as it comes under the ultralight category of FAA regulation. In a statement given to the New York times, they said we have all had dreams – flying effortlessly. I am excited that one day very soon I will be able to climb onto my Kitty Hawk flyer for a quick and easy personal flight. The Flyer is designed for inconsistent areas in the US and must be flown over fresh water for the travels at up to 25 miles per hour at a max of 15 feet above water with an expensive kitty hawk flyer price.

kitty hawk flyer price

According to flyers at the Q the kitty hawk flyer price will be revealed later this year and Kitty Hawk members will have priority placement on the waitlist as well as $2,000 discount. Members will also have exclusive access to fly demonstrations and test flights throughout the years.Kitty Hawk says that there are no plans to ship a vehicle outside the US. Yes it may be a disappointing point for you that’s all about this car. Thank you for reading about kitty hawk flyer. I hope you liked it. Share this article on social media and leave comments you want to say.

Kitty Hawk Flyer Price and Details

It is founded in 2015, all electric, ultralight aircraft.They claim it’s “safe tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations”.
The Kitty Hawk flyer is designed to be flown over uncongested freshwater areas. Landing this thing on the ocean is probably not a good idea.
With that said it’s not designed to be flown over land but you can bet 3 days after release there will be video of people flying this thing everywhere, including over land.Kitty Hawk Flyer Price is coming later this year along with its release.The flyer is the prototype, the final design will look different and hopefully more aesthetic.

kitty hawk flyer price

Kitty Hawk Flyer Availability Details

The flyer is only available to be purchased in the United States, they’ll sell you one if you live abroad but you have to deal with shipping it outside the States yourself as they don’t’ want to get into the legalities of a human flying drone elsewhere. This makes sense as I’m sure it was a big issue getting this vehicle to be legal to be operated in the states alone, the undertaking of doing this worldwide would be a time consuming and expensive. Larry Page, one of Google’s founder has been financially supporting the Kitty Hawk project as well as another flying vehicle project Zee Aero to the tune of 100 million dollars kitty hawk aero website.


Kitty Hawk Flyer First Look

kitty hawk flyer price

First version of this personal flying vehicle is designed for flight over water.Takes minutes to learn how to fly it, no pilot’s license required, which is pretty much make or break with this product. If people had to get a license to fly to just use this thing their market would be immensely small. The Kitty Hawk project has been immensely secretive until April 24th, 2017, a working prototype has been revealed. The official flyer will be available by the end of the year.

Kitty hawk flyer Membership Benefits

Currently a Kitty hawk flyer Membership is available for 3 years at a cost of $100 which gives exclusive benefits such as:

  • Priority placement on the kittyhawk customer wait list with $2000 discount off the retail Kitty Hawk Flyer Price
  •  Exclusive access to kitty hawk experience, their flight simulator
  • Flight demonstrations and events as well being able to ride the flyer
  • Being able to meet the development team
  • Behind the scenes video and product updates
  • Members only gear

Anyone from anywhere can become a member. But all the events take place in the United States, something to think about. This isn’t the only personal flyer out there, there are actually a handful of them like the Ehang 184 I covered in a previous video. The different is the Kitty Hawk is designed for flying over freshwater. And it is human controlled where the Ehang is flown by a computer and doesn’t even have a steering wheel.

Kitty Hawk Flyer | Test Flight | FULL VIDEO | San Francisco Flight-Test, June 10, 2017

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