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Today, I’m very excited. I have 10 Cool Tech Gadgets.There are so many cool things that sometimes you just gotta sit down and spread out the cool. So today I have ten cheap gadgets that you can buy right now and you’ll probably want to each one of these cool tech gadgets is listed down below. They’re probably gonna sell real quick where should I start.

AcTek Bluetooth Speaker – the moon dock 100

10 Awesome Gadgets

All right, so first up in our cool tech gadgets, we have something called the moon dock 100  for 19 bucks, what kind of wireless portable speaker can you really get. If you look at the side. Here you’ll see you can dock your phone prop your phone up watch something have better sound. I think that’s the idea there you can see it with a phone mounted up Bluetooth compatible unique patented design with three colour options, ten hours of play time wirelessly and it also has a USB port which plays in charges at the same time.

Cool Tech Gadgets

Let’s check it out. Let’s see how good it is. Remember it’s $19.99 looking for value. It’s quite the design and it looks like capacitive touch buttons. It is in auxilary cable you could plug in a traditional audio source. If you choose to or just not use bluetooth and use this with your phone. How about ghost notes with the beats right there, unbelievable knocking up the one on the left Aki Wireless arcs secure fit earbuds wireless blue diamond. You should definitely check it out those are $10 wireless earbuds two different pairs that were compared. Actek bluetooth speaker, the moon dock 100, I mean I’m kind of into it. The sound on the moon dock 100 will crush your phone speaker obviously if you like to listen to podcasts before you go to sleep. Certainly when it comes to the low enemy. It’s crushing whatever your phone to do. $19.99 that is a cool cheap gadget.

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Galaxy S8 Wallet Case

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus wallet phone case

Look at this little package right here in our cool tech gadgets. You probably noticed this on my phone, inexpensive, it’s 15 or 16 bucks comes in a number of colors. It’s a wallet case for the Galaxy S a. So it’s got a couple of card slots on the back. You hardly notice the two cards sitting on the back. This allows you to leave your wallet at home. I only need a couple cards. So I’ll put it in here and have one less thing. Of course you’ve still got your cutouts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus wallet phone case

I feel like this thing gives me maybe even better grip. They do it in a black as well that’s a cool little thing. I think they make it for a couple of different devices fifteen or sixteen bucks.

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Rapid X-5 USB Car Charger

RapidX X-5 USB Car Charger

This guy here in our cool tech gadgets, it’s a car charger. This is different not only is it rapid charging and not only can you see there’s a ton of ports here too on this unit. Then three more on the other. This is about backseat charging. This is the road trip extraordinaire. A five foot charging cable and five passengers in the vehicle everybody’s charging all the tech addicted individual that are going on the road trip. They’re connected the whole way.

RapidX X-5 USB Car Charger

Check out the quality here. Soft touch plastic to it and you can see this is the clip they were talking about. This part slides in and all of a sudden now, it’s three USB ports for your backseat. That’s why, it’s five feet long. It can reach everybody in the vehicle. Five total ports, 24 bucks, that’s a cool solution.

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MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer

 MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer -AluminumThis little guy right here in our cool tech gadgets list, the magnetic cable organiser system otherwise known as MOS. This is a magnetic cable organiser. This is a thing that sits on your desk and keeps your cables where you want them wherever you want to set. You can even mount it on a wall as it says here and it can help you keep track of cables, keys and other metal. knickknacks three magnetic cable ties inside. So you can turn cables that wouldn’t otherwise stick to it into stickable cables.

 MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer -AluminumThe magnetic cable organiser is 11 bucks I believe. It’s got a sticky surface so it doesn’t move around when you stick it down. Almost like a little design piece there you hardly notice it. MOS will clip around your favourite cables that you want to keep in one place. That cables going nowhere like this. When you want to use it, you just peel it off, charge up your device and then kaboom it stays where you want it to stay. I mean you can turn any cable into a magnetic sticky cable, that’s $11. I think you guys are gonna like this one.

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USB Cell Batteries & Lightors Micro-USB Battery

Rechargeable Battery Without Charger With USB Micro 5 Pin ChargerSo next up in our cool tech gadgets, we have these guys here. I’ve always wanted to try them. The new USB world and the double-a world. There’s still plenty of gadgets to take double-a batteries. But then, it’s like what are you tossing them out after it feels kind of strange. We want to charge them back up, so what about a double-a battery that charges itself. This one’s called USB cell and then this one is lighters battery. The price points are around 20 bucks.It’s kind of wild, you see the battery cell here, the full-size USB on this end. It’s got like an elastic on it and it pulls up over top of the port and then back down and that’s the finished product right there and then you peel it back like that and you just charge it up and that’ll go into any USB port.

USB AA Rechargeable Battery

Now this one also has an indicator on it so if the light is on you know it’s charging. These ones are a slightly different take a microUSB port right on the battery right there to this port right here. Now you’re charging your double a battery. A couple different takes if you have to keep using them recharge them.

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Cool Tech GadgetsWe got this guy here in cool tech gadgets, the hybridlight hybrid solar flashlights. You probably have a flashlight in your life. But chances are it’s like an old-fashioned flashlight that requires those batteries that I mentioned before so who knows. Does it have juice the ever-important juice? What you have here is a flashlight that charges over solar and this thing actually goes a step further. The juice that this accumulates can then charge up a secondary device as well. So it’ll charge your mobile devices with the USB port on the bottom. 12 hours of light on a single charge. It’ll hold a charge for years and it’s waterproof and it floats. So this guy is about 28 bucks, feels pretty durable nice bright colour so if you’re outdoors or whatever you drop it you’re gonna see it from a distance.

Hybridlight JourneyIt’s got that like highlighter yellow on it solar panel on the top and where’s this USB port they’re talking about.The USB port is in the bottom here and there’s a gasket on here. That’s where the water resistance comes from.It has juice setting one setting, dim setting. Everybody should have one of these. This should be in your house what are you doing with that old fashioned flashlight that you bought at Walmart and it’s taking batteries and the batteries are never good. you know that hybrid light bright thinking.

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VisionTek Lightning Cable

VisionTek Products Micro USB to USB Smart LED 1 MeterWe’ve got this guy here, we have a cable from vision tech, but what makes it smart, it’s not just that it has rapid charging but it also has an LED on it to let you know when your device is either charging or fully charged .So from a distance you can essentially know if it has juice if it has a charge or not. So this is a pretty heavy-duty cable to begin with. They’re one of those people you like to charge up and lie back in your bed all right. So we have the other end plugged in and phone.

VisionTek Products Micro USB to USB Smart LED 1 Meter CableThe red light there glowing so you see this pulsating red there which even in a dimly lit room will let you know that your device is actively charging and then that’ll switch to a solid green when it’s fully charged. This just gives you a little bit more info at Lance maybe you just don’t want to pick up your phone until it’s fully charged. You can see from a distance. It’s just cooler. It’s just cooler than your current cable bottom line.It is because of this reason that this thing has been listed in cool tech gadgets list.

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Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber GDC Money ClipI love this thing. I just think this thing is so cool it’s called the Gerber GDC money clip. This is a money clip which hides a little pocket knife right in it. it’s around 25 bucks. In a pinch you need a blade. It’s inside the money clip. So this is the money clip you have a metal clip on this end. Here you can slide cards or cash underneath there and then on the other side you have this spring-loaded area. At-a-glance doesn’t look special at all. Get a little grip on there.

Cool Tech GadgetsYou never know when you might need a blade. Just slide right in. Look at that and it looks like a design element when it’s all together like that. So your money, cash, cards slid on the clip side. You push down this little button allows you to remove. Now it’s not gonna come out by accident in your pocket because this safety mechanism up here. That’s cool, I don’t care who you are the GDC money clip it’s like 25 bucks. You got to check this Cool Tech Gadgets.

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Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

HYDAWAY Collapsible Pocket-sized Travel Water BottleAlright our very last item, the hideaway collapsible bottle. I’ve wanted to try one of these for a while. They start around 15 bucks. You gotta be drinking water all the time look you got the water bottle right now, what about after you’ve done drinking it or before you filled it up. You’re carrying around this large object. Do you want to put it in your backpack. I don’t know, so that’s where this thing comes in the hideaway collapsible bottle. It’s pocket-sized, reusable, watertight, dishwasher safe. try me out. 21 ounces of liquid you screw this baby on like this and it has a little cutout.So you could clip it to something if you want to and then a mouthpiece that lifts up.

HYDAWAY Collapsible Pocket-sized Travel Water Bottle - 21 oz.I like a sippy cup for a kid. It’s your very own adult sippy cup and then you’re done. Check out my magic trick here and you’re just come whoa! no one even needed to know that could even be in your back pocket or something you crack it up like this crack it, open, fill it up and you’re done drinking before you get to the next water fountain. It’s very strangely satisfying, it’s cool, it’s a collapsible Cup. I never knew this existed, you never knew this existed and now you do a cup the size of a puck. It’s a tagline. You can have it for free.

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Cool Tech Gadgets

So there you have it.Ten cool cheap gadgets.If you want to pick any of them up the links will be given. Let me know in the comments which was your favourite gadget out of that bunch and is there a gadget that I should feature on this site that I haven’t yet. Maybe you have the coolest thing in the world and the world needs to know about it.  Please share this cool thing on social media.

Thanks for reading about Cool Tech Gadgets. Also you can check out all our blogs on future gadgets.

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