[BOOM] Tesla Model 3 SPECS 2017 Revelled [UPDATED]

tesla model 3 specs 2017

What’s next for Tesla? Tesla on friday,28 th of July,2017 delivered Tesla Model 3 specs sedans to its 1st thirty customers. The base Model three will drive 220 miles on one charge, accelerate to sixty mph in 5.6 seconds, and encompasses a high speed of 130 mph. Tesla also will sell a […]

The Logitech MX Master: One of Our Favourite Mice

Logitech MX Master

Hands-on: Logitech MX Master Mouse What’s up, guys? Today, we are checking out something that I have been very excited for.This is the MX Master Mouse from Logitech. Now, I have been a big fan of these top tier Logitech mice for a while. You’ve probably seen the Performance Logitech […]

The best mice get better – Logitech MX Master 2S Review

MX Master 2S

Hands-on: Logitech’s new MX Master 2S Mouse The best mouse in the world just got better, MX Master 2S. I have been a fan of the MX master series since it came out and even before that the performance MX that’s been the mouse on my desk. I like a […]

Introducing the brand new Kitty Hawk Flyer (releasing in 2018)

kitty hawk flyer

What is Kitty Hawk Flyer? The Kitty Hawk Flyer may be a new, all-electric craft or flyer cars. It is safe, tested and legal to control within the US in uncongested areas underneath the Ultralight class of Federal Aviation Agency rules. They designed their initial version specifically to fly over water. […]

Amazon’s Go grocery store could be future of Whole Foods – The Walmart killer

amazon go

What is Amazon Go means? Amazon go is the amazon’s new service for consumers to shop effortlessly without any lines and checkouts.Amazon built a new kind of store with most advanced technology.You just need to go to shop by using go app, shopyour products and go. Thats it,No more queues […]

Eero home wifi – The wifi blanket of home | eero | review | The most advanced wifi in the world

eero review by alibabamegadeals.com

What is eero? The world’s best reviewed wifi system. It’s not a router , its wifi system. Eero is the advanced wifi system in the world.  Nowadays we used normal routers which are slow in speed and more complicated to use it.They are connected with wires and have limited range […]