The best mice get better – Logitech MX Master 2S Review

Hands-on: Logitech’s new MX Master 2S Mouse

The best mouse in the world just got better, MX Master 2S. I have been a fan of the MX master series since it came out and even before that the performance MX that’s been the mouse on my desk. I like a substantial Mouse with a lot of buttons all started with a scroll wheel like a loose kind of spin to it which you could modify whether you had that little click eNOS or a smooth scroll. That’s it, I was hooked from that moment forward the MX Master 2S master is the thing that Logitech is promoting mostly is this cross computer control called flow dual connectivity. You can connect via the included unifying receiver or over Bluetooth the view computer supports. It’s completely up to you, so you don’t need to carry around that little tiny receiver if you don’t want to and you can also pair up to three computers to one mouse. Click the button on the bottom and switch systems track even on glass a fast rechargeable battery which will give you about days of battery life.

Demonstration of how the flow function works

MX Master 2S
MX Master 2S


Here’s a better demonstration of how the flow function works you can see the cursor moving from a MacBook to a Windows laptop even copy and paste text images and files between them. I feel like this is the most comfortable Mouse to hold on to. I try to convert people I see somebody using some other Mouse I’ll run across the room and slap it off the table.They changed the logo a little bit. It’s now just logy it’s for the youngsters I love this texture they put on there.It has some grip. It’s still smooth. I can speak from experience. Here it stays the same for years of use there’s a dark field sensor right there and these will light up to indicate which system you’re on whether it’s microUSB port on the front to charge it up.

Scroll button on logitech mx master wireless mouse 

MX Master 2S

This button on the top will change the behaviour of the scroll wheel so you hear this. You get that nice crunchy now that might be something you’re into hit this button on the top that became loose now and look at that now, it’s freewheeling.If I want a freewheel on the fly check, this see that a little more force and you get the best of both worlds. This entire section here is cool. You see that i’ll have that set up at least on the macbook as a way of organising. I can hit that button and then see all the different windows that I’ve got open but of course it is programmable and then you have this vertical scroll over here, very smooth and then you also have a forward and back button. Here that’s your receiver for whatever reason you don’t want to use bluetooth a relatively long microUSB cable so right about now you’re thinking that what is so special about this mouse?

Design and Specs of Logitech master 

MX Master 2S

The main thing that Logitech is pushing here is this flow technology and you can see the supported devices. Now you can copy and paste not only text but other files images, documents and so on between two different computers up on the same platform or also cross-platform computers Windows and Mac. This is actually a good illustration. This is what you’re used to seeing where you can essentially program each button you see how you’re connected the battery life and if you have multiple devices. Go to your devices here you can see my old MX Master masters the other two and then the new one. I just noticed the colour so the black version on the old model had gold trim this one has silver trim.

Performance mx mouse 

You can also modify the point and scroll the speed the flow button is where things get a little bit different. Download and install this software on both systems and then you pair your mouse with both computers so that’s where this button on the bottom comes into play and then all you have to do beyond that is make sure that the two systems are on the same wireless network and this is where you set things up. Kind of like, you would do with a multi-monitor setup. If I pull this other laptop over here we’re gonna have some magic right now here we go. Let’s try and just move this cursor across and see what happens. Look at that? Did you see that?

Lets play it


Can you see the cursor on there Jack?  Let’s go back over and we’re back over here. Now move over to the edge and then we’re over here now. There is a second. It kind of takes a second when you get to the edge of the display. I assume that’s intentional probably because it wants to make sure that you actually want to go to that next display. There’s not just floating around too easily. Let’s say what about copying and pasting something.

MX Master 2S
Logitech mouse

I’m gonna copy that go over to the other display. Paste it and that was absolutely seamless. I’m gonna copy that and go over to this other system and paste it. That was instant and you can see it’s the same file. This is very easy to establish. We look at MX Master 2S now. This one does also charge up a bit quicker. It has fast charging, so we can get days of battery life in three minutes. This one’s  around 99 bucks. You can find deals on the old version, MX Master .

Conclusion of logitech wireless mouse

If those two features are not imperative to you, so I’ll link both versions down below as well as. But I can pretty confidently say, at least for me, in my opinion, this is the greatest mouse on the planet. You like the best then settle for nothing less, MX Master 2S.

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